See You on the Bookshelf

A weekly mini-series that follows 'See You in the Cosmos' from manuscript to published novel, featuring interviews with the publishing insiders who worked on it.

4. The Editing

We go deeper in the editing process, and talk about the differences between Young Adult and Middle Grade.

Jack Cheng
3. The Acquisition

See You in the Cosmos was jointly acquired by two editors, one in the US and UK. We meet those two editors.

Jack Cheng
2. The German Deal

Weeks before See You in the Cosmos was sold to US and UK publishers, it was sold in Germany. Here's how it happened.

Jack Cheng
1. The Submission

The manuscript is attached to an email, and that email is sent to editors at different publishing houses. The person sending it? The literary agent.

Jack Cheng

A novel is finished. Eight months later, a printed book appears on shelves. What happens in those eight months?

Jack Cheng